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HiT360.com Travel Guide


Where to stay : Ionian Hotels
Dinning : Ionian Restaurants

The island of the Ionian Sea, also known as Eptanisa, with their distinct character and the vivid Venetian influence; are one of the best place in Greece to spend your holidays. Islands are very popular with tourists and welcome a large number of them each year, thanks to the unequaled natural beauty and the friendly and hospitable locals.

From Corfu till Kythyra, the Ionian Islands have kept their traditional colors and their character that can be seen even through the speech and pronunciation of the local people. These islands are known to be the birthplace of art and literature, and songs and serenades can be heard from every corner, and for those who have had a chance to visit them, they are sure to remain unforgettable.

HiT360.com Travel Guide