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Corfu Greece

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It is without a doubt the most cosmopolitan and most beautiful island in the Ionian Sea. Surrounded by nature, Corfu is a very green island with unbelievable beaches and amazing sites all affected by the island's long history. The myth says that Corfu received its name from the beautiful nymphs Kerkyra, who was the daughter of the river god Esopou. Poseidon fell madly in love with Kerkyra when he first saw and it was he that took her to the island that now holds her name. To read more please click here. Corfu is the Homeric island of Feakon, which belonged to King Alkinoo. On 8th century BC, it was inhabited by the Eretris and after that by the Corinthians. In the following centuries, Cofu became a great power in nautical and trade, which disturbed the metropolis Corinth. This led them to a sea fight in 644 BC which of course Corfu won. In 299 BC it becomes the first piece of Greek land that is taken by the Romans, with whom they co-exist in harmony till the 4th century AD, survives the Byzantine Era whilst all along it fights off persistent barbarian invaders. In 1204 it is inhabited by the Venetians and in 1214 by the Byzantines. In 1267 the French take their turn and then again the Venetians in 1386, where whilst under their ruling, Corfu was able to escape the Turkish Domination, which allowed them to grow culturally and spiritually along with all the western world. In 1797 Corfu was once again taken over the French, who actually were the worst of all conquerors that passed through the island. They were the ones that burnt the Libro d' Oro, which forced the residents of Corfu to seek help from the Russians. It was then that they were able to declare the independency of the Ionian Islands and then in 1800 to create the independent country of the Eptanisos Civilazation. However the independency did not last very long since the French took over again in 1807, this however instead of destroying they actually helped the island. Nevertheless after the defeat of Napolean, it was the English's turn to take over Corfu, how unlike the French helped the island to become bigger and better. And with the London Treaty in 1863, Corfu and the rest of the Ionian Islands were given back to Greece. The locals are well known for their musical skills, theatrical skills and of course for their spiritual culture and tradition. It is worth mentioning that the Philharmonic was established in 1840, the Ionios Academy in 1815 and the Anagnostiki Company was the first to spiritual establishment that is still currently working today. Except the huge history that this island has, it also has many beautiful monuments and sights that are worth visiting, such as the beautiful Achillio, the estate that was built by the Empress Sissi, it was built for her stay in Corfu when her doctors advised that the climate of the island was the best thing for her condition. It is the ideal place for holidays since the island is quite large and can offer to a visitor the most recluse place to even the most cosmopolitan. As for entertainment, here you will find whatever you might be looking for. From Techno - Rave clubs, which are popular amongst the Italian visitors, to taverns, bars and stages. The cuisine on the island is also very good; if you ever find yourselves there remember to try out the island's delicacies such as pastitsada, bourdeto and sofrito. Here you will find all types of accommodations, for all budgets and all tastes. For those that desire something quiet, there are the small islands of Othoni, Erikousa, Mathraki, as well as Paxi and Antipaxi. For those that are into sports, they can enjoy sports activities such as: golf, horse riding, and of course waterslides. There are many ways to reach the island. Either by airplane from Athens or Thessaloniki, by KTEL buses and organized tours, by car or by ferry from Patra. Ferries to Paxi, Paleokastritsa, Sagiada, Thesprotia, Kefalonia. Albania and Italy also connect to the island. If you don't have your own vehicle do not fear, you can always rent either car or motorbike to get around the island. And as for shopping, you will find everything you might need or want. As for us, even though we are green with envy, we wish the very best time you can possibly have on this fantastic island.

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