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HiT360.com Travel Guide


Known more as an area of passing tourism, because of the capital city Igoumenitsa thousands of tourists pass through arriving and departing Greece every year. Even with all that traffic Thesprotia still doesn’t lose its personal beauty and presents a special interest to the visitor that wants to really get to know her. The river Kalamas cuts Thesprotia nearly right in the middle, and empties its waters in the Ionio Sea, its delta is a very important water land in the area which is vital to the survival of thousands of species of birds in the area. In Thesprotia you will find seaside tourist centers, areas full of olives groves, idyllic beaches with fine white sand, and also picturesque mountain villages characterized by their unique Epirian architecture. Also you will folklore museums, ancient sites, along with historical sites such as the legendary Souli where the Greek people started their resistance against the Turkish.
HiT360.com Travel Guide