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The natural beauties, the picturesque bays, the amazing and wide beaches, the evergreen landscapes, the majestic castle and the great tourism establishments are just a few reasons why many choose Parga as their destinations. The beautiful little town of Parga, is worth visiting by anyone, since it combines natural beauty with the Venetian architecture of the houses. The paradise for romantics, a stroll through small laneway with view of the mansions full of flower gardens, and for those that prefer wild nights, the entertainment venues, the club, the bars and taverns and restaurants give a cosmopolitan character to the small town. It is worth paying a visit to the Venatian Castle, which is well known as impenetrable due to the natural fortification as well as the works that were made from the inside to prevent enemies from entering. Also the Religious Museum that is found in the center of the town, you will find many invaluable artifacts. Don't disregard the small island of Panagias with the impregnable French fortress. In the magnificent Valto with its amazing beach you will find the Monestery of Vlahernas and the Monastery of Aghiou Spiridona. Here you will also find amazing beaches, maybe even the most beautiful in the Ionio Sea, such as Valto Beach, Krioneriou, Piso Krioneriou. Lihnou, Sarakiniko, Aghiou Giannaki etc. So pay a visit to this amazing and beautiful town and you will not be disappointed. Finally, transportation to and from Parga are not a problem since it is very easy to get there either by road or sea.

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