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In the southeastern district of Epirus you’ll find the county of Preveza, which offers many tourist spots that will impress any visitor. Except of the beautiful beaches of the Ionio, you’ll find the important water land of Ambrakiko Gulf, Venetian castle, Byzantine monasteries and landmarks. In the historical Zagolo, the memories of the sacrifice of the Souliotisses, these brave women sacrificed themselves instead of being captured by the Ottomans, during the revolution. Preveza also has many ancient sites such as the ancient Kassopi, the Aherantas River where necromancy was practiced and the ancient city of Nikopoli, one of the most important cities in the Roman Empire, and was established in 31BC by Octavious Augustus. Many Greeks and foreigners mainly Italians holidaymakers gather in the charming town of Parga, a historical place under the shadow of a medieval castle, with Greek island characteristics, a clean beach and a very good climate, who regardless of the high tourist population still keeps the quaint charm of the area. The capital city of Preveza is quite large and modern waterfront and picture some little streets in the inside of the city.

HiT360.com Travel Guide