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The biggest and most populated county of Epirus, a magical place full of evergreen mountains. Here even the most demanding of visitors will become speechless by the endless beauty. Winter sport lovers will be eager to conquer Mount Metsovo, which except the known handmade art pieces that it produces, also has a skiing center at Karakoli and Profiti Ilia. In the north you will find the quaint villages of Zagorohoria, 46 in total scattered in the lush flora of fir tress, and pine trees, they are famous for their amazing architecture of their houses. In Dodoni you will find the grand Ancient Theatre and the Oracle, which the second most important one in Greece after the Oracle at Delphi. Approximately in the middle of the county and at the banks of Lake Yiannina is built the capital of the county, Yiannina, a modern city full of historical landmarks. Once was the capital of the country belonging to Ali Pasa, in now days is a large city with a lively nightlife, and is the trading, economic, and cultural center of Epirus and one the most important cities in Northern Greece.

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