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HiT360.com Travel Guide


An area with a mainly mountainous landscape and few open plains, Epirus expands its borders from Pindos till Ionio Pelagos. The area of Epirus is full of natural beauty and historical memorials that will leave even the most demanding visitor speechless by its beauty. From the water lands of the Amvrakikou Gulf in the south till the historical lake of Pamvotida at Yiannina and the picturesque mountains of Zagorohoria, one can admire the true beauty of the unique Epirian architecture, remarkable ancient and Byzantine memorials, crystal clear rivers and the dense mountainous woodlands. Combining winter sports and easy access to the beaches of the Ionio, Epirus offers a visitor the best of both worlds, especially if they wanted to meet an area with a rare natural environment along with modern cities with a lively nightlife. The counties of Arta, Thesprotia, Yiannina and Preveza complete Epirus.
HiT360.com Travel Guide