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Lindos is found at the east side of the island, about 55 km south from the city of Rhodes. It's a settlement that is characterized as preservable and is kept unchanged since the era of the rich Lindian ship- owners of the15th century. The white houses have flat roofs which still preserve the gate relief , the pebbly floors, sofa beds and ceramics on the wall. The Byzantine Church of Virgin Mary (Panagia) of Lindos with her knightly blazons refers to the medieval history of the island.

Lindos has a history of thousands of years. It was already known from archaic years and was one of the three Doric cities, the only one that continued to prosper even after the founding of the new settlement of the city of Rhodes in 408 B.C. Famous throughout the ancient world, was the sanctuary of Lindian Athena, whose ruins exist even today on the ancient Acropolis, at the top of a vertical rock that begins right from the sea, in 116 metres height.

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