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HiT360.com Travel Guide


Famous for the sponge-fishing boats of the island, Kalymnos is as rich in history as it is in natural beauty. Here we find ancient monuments, such as the settlement of Ancient Kalymnos at Damo, the Acropolis of Kastela and the ruins of Apollo at Christo. The island also famous for it caves and the speleological interest that they offer, such as the caves of Kefala, Daskalio, Mantras and Aghias Barbara. Here you will also find many impressive castles, such as Chrisoherias and Pera Kastro. Healing spas are found in the south of the island. A visitor can find many beautiful beaches to swim in, especially in the west of the island. The main town of the island is Pothia, and it is also the harbor of the island. It is a lovely town with beautiful buildings, and making sure before you leave the island, to buy the some sponges.
HiT360.com Travel Guide