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:: TINOS Island

Where to stay: Tinos Hotels

Well known as the island of the Virgin Mary, due to the magnificent church that is dedicated to her, it gathers thousands of believers every 15th August, (the Greek orthodox name day of the Virgin Mary) the blesses Tinos offers a gentle climate, many natural attractions and magnificent architecture of the houses. The Temple of Poseidon at the Kionia is a must to visit, as well as the Exobourgo with the ruins of the ancient capital of the island. Another great palace to visit is the impressive traditional village of Pirgos, where marble is found in amidst the evergreen environment, as well as the monastery of Kehrovouniou, near the village of Steni. The main town of the island and the port is Tinos, (island and town share the same name) gathers many visitors which than rush off to the beaches in the south and west districts of the island, as well as visit the Church of the Virgin Mary with the miraculous image of her.

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