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Syros Island

Where to stay: Syros Hotels
Dinning : Syros Restaurants

Excitement and fire grows into my heart,
As if you have put a spell on me
Oh my sweet Fragosyriani...

The unforgettable poet and musician
Gives us a tour to the Cycladic Princess,
named... SYROS

'Vamvakaris' was thunder stroke by two sweet eyes at the central square of the island, which is called today Miaoulis Square. That moment was captured into the song and these rhymes pop in every visitor' s mind when he wants to express what his feels about this beautiful island. It is like falling in love when you set your eyes upon Syros and especially the capital of all the Cyclades Islands that is Hermoupolis.

The history of the island begins thousands years ago and there is much evidence to prove it, like the well-known Idols from the Protocycladic period, which were found on the island and also the writings from Omiros about the rich and happy inhabitants of this island. In the historic years the island was repeatedly conquered by different masters and passed from prosperity periods to crises periods. The most significant conquerors where the Romans and later the Venetians and the franks, but the most flourishing period was after the revolution against the Turks in 1821.

Hermoupolis has been the first and most important port in the liberated Greece and has gathered many important and also simple people from the rest of Greece, as it was a refuge under the protection of the French. On the beautiful canvass of the city many Greek and European architects drew their lines, like Ziller and Chambau. The perfect lighting during the evening enforces the magnificent atmosphere, which resembles to other European cities of that period. The city offers a spectacle beyond comparison to the passing by vessels. And she stands charming and smiling to the flashes of the cameras as if she is a movie star.

The population of the island is divided to orthodox and Catholics, but they have nothing to divide. The worst that can occur is to run from one church to the other in order to attend to the same wedding in orthodox and Catholic version ( this happens when the couple belongs to different church). Apart from the above the rest of the church festivities are celebrated together and we suggest that you attend the celebration of Easter.

The island apart from the beautiful monuments of the city has more things to offer and has earned a place between the most popular resorts. There are beaches, sufficient number of lodgings, marinas, and airport, excellent cuisine (served in traditional taverns and luxurious restaurants) there is night life and folk music (rebetika or Greek blues)...

Some sightseeing information:

The Town Hall at the central square (designed by Ziller),
Apollon Theatre (miniature of the Milano opera house),
The location 'Vaporia' and the church of Saint Nicolas,
Ano Syros the neighborhood of the catholics, Saint George, and Vamvakaris' house,
The dockyard NEORION one of the biggest and most important,
The Church 'Kimisi tis Theotokou' where an original El Greco piece of art can be admired,
The archeological museum, the ruins at Chalandriani location and many more.

Taste the famous Chalvathopites and the Turkish delights as well as the San Michali cheese.

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