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HiT360.com Travel Guide

:: Syros Island

Where to stay: Syros Hotels
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An island of unique nobility and enchantment, Syros, with the populous Catholic community, it is rich in natural beauty, as well as beautiful frequented beaches with crystal clear waters, are easily accessed by car or boat. At Syros a visitor will find the capital of the Cyclades, the impressive Ermoupoli, which will enchant you from the first moment, with the large town square, the neoclassic mansions, and the grandeur that transpires. Ermoupoli was the largest port in Greece before the development of Piraeus. Masses of tourists visit the island every year. It has a good road system with many seaside resorts, with the most popular ones being Poseidonia or Delagrachia, in the southwestern district of the island, which also happens to be the beautiful on the island.

HiT360.com Travel Guide