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Known by the entire world for the beautiful beaches, natural beauties and attraction to tourists, the Cyclades consist of a group of pearly islands in the center of the Aegean Sea. The name Cyclades has been derived from the Greek word, kyklono” which means to circle”, this is because the islands circle the sacred island of Apollo, Dilos. Mountainous islands with little cultivated land; they invited thousand of people every year, who enjoy the distinct colors, singular Aegean architecture, the castles, and the bright, sunny Greek sun of these islands. Here the blue of the sky fades into the blue of sea offering the visitor the chance to enjoy some unforgettable holidays. Here you will also find many cosmopolitan islands for those who desire something more lively in their holidays, these are the islands that the jet-set society of these world prefer to spend their holidays as well as, so if you are star struck these are the islands to visit to grab a glimpse of your favorite star. Easily accessed by ferry from Pireaus and Rafina, the Cyclades is the perfect place for unforgettable weekends, since they are so close to Athens.

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