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Santorini Greece

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Santorini or Stroggili (Round) as it was named in ancient times when the shape of the island was round, but was changed in the 15th century due to the volcanic eruption that occurred and sunk the middle of the island creating what we today know as the caldera. The Phoenixs called it Kallisti and the Dories Thira. But the name Santorini was given on the 12th century by the Romans, in fact they called it Santa Irene. However the eruption was an important reason why the idland stopped developing since till 2000BC it had a very developed Minoan civilization. But during the eruption it is said that throughout the Aegean the sky turned black and the waves were 250 metres high and was travlling as 300km per hour, destroying in their wake the Cretan Minoan Civilazation and the Egyptian as well. There are other theories that connect this catastrophe with the fall of the Altantis. Santorini has passed through many hands and many conquerors, starting from the Persians, Spartans, Athenians, Ptolemaic and the Romans. Later on, during the Byzantine Era, it belonged to the Aegean Section, it was then given over to the Duke of Naxos and then on to the Venetians. It was then that many of the residents turned to Catholicism. In 1537 it was taken over by the pirates of Barbarosa, then in 1579 to the Turkish. From 1770 till 1774 it belonged to the Russians and finally in 1832 it was given over to the Greek Government. Today you will find 7000 residents on the island, who are scattered in 10 different villages over the whole island. Fira is the capital of the island and Ia is one of the most beautiful villages in the island and is well known for the magical sunsets that can be seen from there. The black beaches, the steep cliffs, and the volcanic rocks give the island an unusual landscape. In caldera at a depth of 400m you will also see the gigantic crater, which is 10km big. The architecture of the island is connected with the needs of the locals as well as keeping the style of the cycladic architecture. When you first visit the island the brightly painted houses that are buried into the rocks and cliffs of the island, the arched churches as well as the old mansion from the earthquake in the 1956 will amaze you. Santorini is loved by all those that are partial to walks and strolls since the best way to get around the island is by foot, due to the stairs that are found everywhere in the island. So it best to be prepared for some exercise. It is also the ideal place for couples to get married or for newlyweds to spend their honeymoon. In your spare time you can visit the Navy and Archeological Museum, the churches, the Gizi manor that has full of paintings and gravures. From Santorini you can easily visit the neighbouring islands by boats that leave from the island. There are many accommodation establishments and are some of the most beautiful. As for entertainment, in summer the island fills up with tourists and all the clubs, bars and restaurants keeping on going to the early hours. Here you will also enjoy some of the best dishes the greek cuisine has to offer, there is fava, domatokeftedes (tomato meatballs) and skordomakaronada (pasta with garlic sauce) and it is worth tasting the local wines and the liquer Visanto. The best way to get around the island is to rent a car or bike, however there is public transport such as buses or taxis but the best and most romantic way is of course by donkey. The cities that are connected with santorini by air are, Mykonos, Rhodes, Heraklion, Athens and Thessaloniki. By ferry boat you can get to Santorini from, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Paro, Io, Mykono, Anafi, Naxoz, Sikinos, Syros, Kimolos, Kynthos, Milos, Serifos, Sifnos, Tinos, Folegandros, Astypalea, Kerpathos, Diafani, Kasos, Rhodes, Xhalki, Heraklion, Skiathos, Skyros and Volo. We wish you some unforgettable sunsets...

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