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The beautiful Milos is one of the islands found in the Cyclades complex. Born from a volcanic eruption, it emerge form the blue Aegean. There is no other island as beautiful as this island, with its natural port, amazing beaches and variety of colors. The little white houses with their whitewashed walls and blooming gardens, will surely enchant you. As for the nightlife, at the port of the island you can find also anything you might want, with choices that can keep the fun going until the early hours. It is worth visiting the capital of the island, Plaka, to see the original island architecture and the amazing view of the Aegean Sea. But the beauties of Milo don't stop here. There is the church of Panagias tis Thalassitras - which is a perfect example of Cycladic Architecture. Also it is worth visiting the Folklore and Archeological Museum that will fascinate since the long history and fantastic culture of Milos can be seen through these. But Milos does not have only these to things to offer, there is something for every type of visitor. Business Tourism The island of Milo, you will find the perfect place for business conferences and seminars, since it holds some of the best conference facilities. Diving Tourism The amazing bays of Milo hide an enchanting sea bed. The surprisingly beautiful sea bed is paradise of spear fishing and the shipwrecks that have been laid there are awaiting adventures to search and discover all their secrets. Excursions - Tours Little ships that leave from Adamanta can take you for a tour around the island. From Pollonia there is a small ferry boat the takes you the neighboring island of Kimolo. Medicinal Tourism That the well known healing spas of Milo you can relax and be relived from many pains and aches. Also at the healing spas of Kanava, treat yourselves to a refreshing program. Religious Tourism The island of Milo there are many religious monuments that are worth paying a visit to The thousand year old Aghia Triada, that houses the religious museum of Milo, will amaze you. Adventure Tourism At the Nihia you can visit the ancient workshops of volcanic glass, the singular manganese mines at Filakopi. Also it is worth paying a visit to the islands that were under the German rule during WWII. It is easy to get to Milos, since there are chartered flights from Athens daily, as well as ferries, however the trip lasts 5 hours.

HiT360.com Travel Guide