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:: MILOS Island

Where to stay : Milos Hotels
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Another Cycladic island that is very popular with tourists. A magnet for holidayers is its natural beauty, healing spas and museums, the impressive churches and monasteries and the 13th century Castle in the capital city Plaka. The most settled area of the island is the northeastern district, and is connected with the rest of the island with a good road system and frequent public transport. The island offers many archeological areas such as Filakopi, the ruins of the Klima Theatre and the famous catacombs of Milos. It is worth paying a visit to the southwestern shore of the island, where you will see the gigantic boulders that appear suddenly from the clam waters of the Aegean Sea. In Sikia you will find one of the most amazing caves in the Aegean, accessed only by boat. Beautiful beaches are found all over the island, however most of them are only accessed by boat.

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