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Attiki isn’t only Athens. Just a few kilometers outside of the noisy capital city you will find amazing summer resorts, on the side of the Saronic Islands, an the side of the Corinth and the South Evian Gulf, where many residents of Athens have their holiday houses for quick weekend getaways. Specifically, on the shores of the South Evian Gulf, you will find the following places of the Halkoutsi, Oropo, Aghious Apostolous, Shinia, and the historical Marathon, where in 490B.C. the great battle against the Persians took place. Also main attractions of the area are the tomb of the ones lost in battle, the manmade lake that supplies water to the capital, Nea Makri, Zouberi, Rafina, Loutsa, Porto Rafti and many more that gather thousands holidayers every year. From the Saronic side you will find Lagonisi, Vouliagmeni, Varkiza and from the Corinth side, in a totally different environment and landscape, there is Porto Germeno and Alepohori. For those that seek mountainous thrills and delights, there is Penteli and Parnitha to discover. And even here you will find archeological treasures to discover and amaze, such as Vravrona, the impressive Poseidon Temple at Sounio and many more.
HiT360.com Travel Guide