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Samos Island Greece

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A real treasure of the Aegean and the homeland of Aristrhou and Pythagora, Samos is an island that can seriously be considered as an island for unforgettable holidays. We are talking about a verdurous island, with never ending pine forests, olive groves, citrus trees and vineyards that produce exceptional and famous wine. There you can find huge spotless, sandy beaches, and beautifully developed areas in the traditional style of the Greek islands. Scattered around the island you will find noteworthy monasteries and churches, as well you�ll find the Temple of Hera which in ancient times was a central place for the worship of the Queen of the Gods. The well-planned road system leads you to many small towns around Samos, like Kerlovasi, Pithagorio, Mytilinie, Marathokabos. The capital city of Samos, Vathi is also the port of the island; one of the most beautiful island cities in all of Greece with may beautiful buildings both traditional and neoclassic. The island provides many styles of accommodation, to satisfy the needs of any visitor.

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