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:: LESVOS Island

Where to stay: Lesvos Hotels
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Lesvos, he home land of the folklore artist Theofilo is an island full of marvelous green vegetation, and in many places the pine trees and olives groves reach even the beaches of this enchanting island. A visitor will need a few days to all of the island�s natural beauties, memorials and sights. Here you will also find the Stone Forest that was created one hundred years ago by a volcano eruption. There are also many significant archeological sites, in many places on the island, such as the Ancient Mithimna, the Ermopilia, Klopedi, the Ancient Theatre of Mytilini, equal to the one in Epidaurou. Scattered everywhere on the island you will find castles and towers, remains from the Byzantine Era and Genovian Reign. On the island you will find quaint little towns such as Agiasos, Plomari, Molivos, Eresos and amazing picturesque little villages, which can be reached easy by the well laid out roads. . The capital Mytilini is a large modern city, spread wide over hills, opposite from Near East, and in it, it encloses all the sights and the lively life that a visitor can appreciate. Many of the well-known products of the island are olive oil, ouzo and wood and ceramic art pieces from Agiaso and Mantamado.

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