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HiT360.com Travel Guide


In between Samos and the Cyclades you’ll find the island of Ikaria. The islands received its name from the mythical Ikaro. The island is ideal for a quiet holiday, together with its nature beauty and traditional style settlements it is the perfect island to relax and unwind on. Ikaria is famous for its hot springs at the Therma, famous since ancient times, who gather here from the four corners of the earth for the healing properties of the springs and the fantastic local wine that is grown in the vineyards of the island. There are many remarkable sites on the island, like the Round Tower of Garo, the ruins of Inois at kabo, the monasteries Monte and Theoktistis and the castle of Nikarias. The island has two ports, Efdilo in the north and Aghio Kiriko, the capital of the island, in the south, where you will find many hotels.

HiT360.com Travel Guide