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Chios Hotels Greece

Despite being the fifth largest Greek island, Chios , on the Eastern side of the Aegean Sea , remains largely undiscovered by tourists and consequently retains the authentic Greek culture with traditional Greek hospitality.

It is an ideal island destination for those wanting to explore and to discover medieval historic villages, unspoilt beaches, an island with a long history and traditional Greek hospitality and culture.

There is a local saying that when God was looking for a place to put all the rocks of the world, they were placed in northern Chios . The northern part of the island is a barren, mountainous region with little evidence of vegetation. Nestling between hills and mountains are unspoilt, picturesque seaside and mountain villages. The road network has been improved in recent years making exploring the northern part an interesting option for the more adventurous.

The southern area of the island is where the mastic tree grows. It is the only place in the world where the resin “masticha” can be produced and cultivated. Medieval, fortress villages, unspoilt and uncrowded beaches, traditional tavernas and village squares lay idly in the countryside.

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