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Skiathos, the islands of Papadiamanti, it took its name from the greek phrase "skia of Atho" which means "in the shadow of the Afhion Oros" this is because it is found in the shadow of Aghion Oros. The island is situated in the complex of Northern Sporadon in between the county of Magnisia and Skopelo. The natural landscape and surprising beauty of the island will enchant you. Green is the color that dominates everywhere; pine trees, vineyards and fruit bearing trees cover all the island. Clear blue waters, golden beaches and many small and large bays complete the seaside landscape. The island offers many accommodation establishments and combines quiet and serene holidays with a cosmopolitan aura. The capital of the island has the same name as the island, Skiathos, and is built on the side of a hill next to the ancient town of the island. The houses have the classical island architecture; white walls with blue windows and the roads of the island are the well-known cobble- paved laneways. The island is full of beaches and sites to see, and which one is worth visiting. First you used start with the Bourtzi, a Venetian castle that separates the public port from the industrial. The castle was built by the Gkizi Family in 1207. You can also visit the house of Mrs Maroudia, where Papadiamantis lived. It has now been turned into a museum and holds many of the writer's personal items as well as the house of the writer Alexander Moraitidi. Admire the many monasteries of the are, such as the Monastery of Evagelistrias, which was established in 1794 and was the to raise the new Greek flag. There are also the monasteries of Aghiou Haralabos, Panagia tis Kehrias, Panagia tis Kounistras and the church of Panagia tis Limnias where the skull of Alexander Papadiamanti is kept. We also have to mention the glorious beaches of the island, such as: Lalaria, Pripia Petra which can only be reached by boat and the Galazia Spilia and the Spilia tis Fonissas. Other great beaches are Ksanemou, Magelo Gialou, Banana, Troulou and Koukounaries, one of the best natural beaches in the Mediterranean.

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