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Vytina, the famous mountainous place for vacations, it maintains the first position in the tourism movement of Arkadia for many years and it is always the gem of Mainalo as her lovers already know, but also those that still have not visited her. It is the most important mountainous resort of Peloponnese in the centre of a big municipality, with villages of amazing in beauty, picturesqueness and tourist interests. This place, from the old years, was called “The Switzerland of Morias”.

Wonderful stone buildings, old traditional mansions, homeland of big historian Konst. Paparigopoulos, of the jurisconsult Vas. Oikonomidis, of the President of the Cypriot Democracy Giorgos Vasiliou, of the hero of the Resistance Lakis Santas, who pulled down the German flag from the Acropolis of Athens with Manolis Glezos in 1941.

During the big revolution, Vytina constituted the centre of supply of the forces of Th. Kolokotronis. Everything in Vytina is worth seeing. Beautiful, cool, serenely, all green and graphic, civilized and hospitable, Vytina, remains the big lady of the tourist growth of the prefecture of Arkadia. Vytina unfolds into Mainalo, the firs give her their fragrance with that particular smell and freshness that no one forgets easily, and this infrequent climate that was considered for years as therapeutic for the soul and body… Fine and beautiful, with the old stone houses, her graphic narrow street, her live square with the old church, she rewards her visitor with unforgettable vacations.

Around her in near distances, there are villages of astonishing beauty, rivers, springs, historical monuments, monasteries, magic places that are worth to explore. However, the most important advantage of the vacations in Vytina is that here the visitor is particularly honoured with high level of hospitality. Old beautiful hotels, tasteful hotels, traditional guesthouses, good restaurants with food of the most excellent quality, warm haunts for coffee and sweet, graphic shops of traditional art and local pure alimentary products, will cover the needs of the most exigent traveller.

All the region is full of beauties and surprises for the traveller. Firstly the forest of Mainalo itself with the paths and his springs, the near villages, the churches and the old monasteries are places of infrequent beauty that no one should erase from his program. Vytina herself alone is a sight with her stone made houses, the streets of love, the surrounding in country side.

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