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Leonidio, the heart and the soul of Tsakonia, with the 3.500 residents, capital of the province of Kinouria, it opens its arms for you as soon as you reach the lake of Pelias, after a travel of 200 kms. from Athens, 80 kms. from Argos and Nafplio, on a well asphalted street next to the sea. It is built on the fertile land of the valley of the river Dafnona while impressive red rocks are imposing on it.

It is a traditional settlement with historical preservable monuments, mansions and towers that were built before 1800 and neoclassic of the means of the 19th century.

From there you can view Spetses, Spetsopoula, Parapola in the depth, Nafplio at the north-east , the mansions Poulithra at the south and two kilometres of pebbly spotless beach. At the south and westwards a world of orchard and gardens is opening and one can breathe the perfume of basil and marigold.

In the depth of the fertile small plain, imposingly appear the three traditional old windmills. The first impression when one enters Leonidio is, what else, the huge naked red rock. The mountainside is considered difficult and its height of 250 m causes the interest of the mountaineers.

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