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Paralio Astros Paralio Astros is a beautiful town, which has one side of it built on the slopes of a asteroid that the locals call "island". The "island" of Paralio Astros is crowned by the castle that was built during the revolution of 1821, on top of a preexisting Venetian castle. The wide spreading beaches and the crystal clear waters make Paralio Astro one of the best holiday places in Peloponesse. Taverns, restaurants, cafes, and a large quantity of accommodation establishments are open all year for any visitors that want to come. The distances from Athens (165km) and from Nafplio (30km) are relatively small and it is the perfect place a quick weekend getaways. In Paralio Astro you will find the open-air theatre where many cultural and artistic performances are held. There is also the Marine Sailboats Association with a school for all ages. The natural port of Paralio Astro is protected from the weather and houses many sail and fishing boats. Astros From Paralio Astros you will find the road to Astros, which is only 4km away. Astros is an important center is Northern Kynouria and it is the perfect place to be your home base for the one-day trips to the mountainous villages especially the ones that are on the slopes of Parnona. Astros is surrounded by olives groves and has a dry climate. In the school of Karitsioti you will find the Archeological Museum of Astros that has many artifacts from the surrounding areas especially the archeological site of Eva, where archeologists are still working today. Tyros A beautiful tourist center that will impress any visitor, since the mountain and sea make a beautiful combination. The beach of Tyro spreads out for 2km while the desolate neighboring beaches are perfect for harpooning and swimming away from the crowds. Along the beachside you will find many accommodation establishments that provided comfortable accommodation. At the restaurants, fish taverns and grill houses, a visitor can enjoy local cuisines made from local products whilst the bars and the cages on the beach offer a lively nightlife. Having Tyro as your home base, a visitor can visit Sapounakeika and Ano Tyro, which are two traditional settlements. The view from the Argoloko Gulf and the surrounding villages is enchanting. In the area you can find the archeological sites of Castle, the Temple of Apollo Tirita and the Castle of Orionta. During the summer months the cultural unions in cooperation with the Municipality, organize cultural expos with the high point being the Apollonia in the month of August. This article has been taken for the book KYNOURIA - A TOUR IN EASTERN ARCADIA by Mr. D. SKLABOUNOU President of the Hoteliers Association of Kynouria www.kynouria.net

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