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Kalavrita is easily accessed by via the National Highway Athens - Patra. Though at Diakoftou the highway ends and a long drive uphill is necessary. The road is narrow with a few turns so keep you mind on the road. Most hotels are found in and on the edges Kalavrita and there number keeps on increasing every year. Even though the town of Kalavrita itself does not offer anything special, but it can be the base for all visits to the ski resort and any excursions a visitor might want to participate in to the surrounding areas. During winter time people spend most of their time at the ski resort, which is only 14km away from the city. The drive to the ski resort is very enjoyable; you pass through a pine forest that is gorgeous especially when it has snowed. Families with children can enjoy a magical stroll through the Lake Caves or participate in skiing lessons. One of the most frequented tours in the area includes the two historical monasteries of Megalou Spileou (Large Cave) and Aghias Lavras. The first monastery you will find on the road about 10km, before you enter Kalavrita. It is nearly bonded with the rocky hill next to it and offers the visitor a view of rare beauty. Inside the monastery you will find a image of the Virgin Mary, which is made from wax . The Monastery of Aghia Lavra is 4km from the town and it is the monastery where the chefs of the revolution were swore their alliance. Except from the having played an important role in the revolution, the monastery also offers a wealth of historical relics and one of the best libraries that can be found in a monastery. Make sure you visit the only cog railway in the area at the Vouraekou Gorge. It starts from Diakofto, it cuts across the gorge passing through some amazing scenery and finishes its journey at Kalavrita. The narrowest point that the train passes through is at Portes, just a few kilometers before Zahlorou. The natural beauty of the gorge, the tunnels, the waterfalls, the caves and the thick vegetation make it a popular journey with visitors. An interesting tour to take is the one that deals you to Planitero, an area of extreme beauty, with clear waters and huge sycamore trees. It is the perfect place for relaxing. Here you will find many taverns but you can also enjoy a picnic under the sycamore trees, weather permitting that is. The specialty of the area is trout, either fried or baked, which you can choose yourself at the fish farms that are there.

HiT360.com Travel Guide