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Achaia was first inhabitant by the Achei in the 11th century BC, finding refuge there after being exiled by the Dories of Southern Peloponesse. It is from these people that the county got its name and their leader Patreas gave his name to the capital city and well-known port of Patra, the gateway to the West. Many travelers pass through Achaia every year, however this beautiful place has more to offer things to offer to a visitors that truly wants to get to know it better. Here you will find many beachside resorts, some of the more famous are: Egio, Akrata, Kalogria, Loggo, Rio, Psathopyrgo and the Selianitika. The best route to take so that you enjoy as much as the coastline as you can is the old national highway of Corinth - Patra, which passes through 22 villages. One after the other one, all surrounded by rich vegetation and small beaches. The wild nature of the landscape of the mountainous of Achaia gives visitors of many opportunities for winter and spring vacations, either for skiing at the organized ski resort at Mount Chelmou or walking at the gorgeous gorge of Vouraikou, which can also be crossed with the cog railway that reaches all the way up to Kalavrita. Our tour guide for this amazing landscape is the cog train, the only one of Greece, whilst in the mountainous village it is a good idea stop and enjoy the clean air and the warm hospitality of the villagers there. Important stops along the way are Diakofto, Rodia, Mamousia, Tripia where you will find the cave of Hercules there, Zachlorou and Kalavrita where you can see the historical village and the Monastery of Aghias Lavras (where the revolution of 1821 began), as well as the cave of the lakes. Nevertheless we should not forget Patra, the largest city in Peloponesse and famous for the yearly Mardi Gras. It also offers many hidden beauties and sights to discover and enjoy such as: the Venetian castle, the old city with its many neoclassic buildings, the beautiful mansion in the well known area of Psila Alonia, the Archeological Museum and of course the lively nightlife at the International harbour of the city that reaches it high point every year during the Mardi Gras which is a must-live-it experience.

HiT360.com Travel Guide