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Where to stay : Thessaloniki Hotels
Where to go out : Thessaloniki cafe

On of the most interesting counties in Greece, Thessaloniki combines in perfect harmony all that might interest a visitor: beaches with golden sands and crystal waters, striking mountainous sites, lakes, magical views and many archaeological and historical sites. Here you will find hotels to suit any budget and taste, and all categories. There are also rented apartments, suites and resorts that you can use. Thessaloniki is famous for it well planned out road system that makes it easy for any visitor with a license to visit all the small towns around the city, such as Laggadas where there are healing springs, Epanomi, Nea Mihoniona and the lakes of Volvi and Koronia. The pride of the county though is the Nymph of Thermaikou, the beautiful capital Thessaloniki, and the romantic city of the north. There are many sights to be found here, the Lefkos Pygros (White Tower), which is the landmark of Thessaloniki, the Byzantine Walls, the Arch of Galeriou, the Church of the Patriot Saint Dimitrios, the Rotunda and also the Archaeological Museum, where many the excavated artifacts of Vergina can be seen. The moderns city of Thessaloniki is known worldwide for the yearly National Exhibition of Thessaloniki, the festivals and the other different seminars and exhibitions that happen every year, and also for the lively nightlife that it offers.

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