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Pieria - Elatohori

The municipality of Pierians is located in the centre of the mountainous volume of the Pierian maountains, which is called 'the valley of Palace' according to the tradition. It is the most mountainous Municipality of Pieria, since the 87% of its extent is above the hypsometric limit of the mountainous regions (400 m.).

The municipality took this characteristic name, because it is the only one in the Pierian mountains, whose all administrative limits are found within the Pierian mountains. The three settlements that constitute the Municipality are, Ritini (seat of the Municipality), Elatochori and Vria.

With the current road connections it abstains 25 km from the seat of the prefecture of Pieria, Katerini, 95 km From Thessalonica, 45 km from Veria, 110 km from Larissa and 465 km from Athens.

Pieria with its highest summit, 'Flaburo' (2194m.) are located in the northern side of the mountain Olympus, they are all green with rich and varied vegetation, a place of particular natural beauties and ecological interest.

The three settlements of the Municipality are relatively modern and do not present appreciable morphological and architectural elements. They emanated from fusions of smaller settlements during the last four centuries from local residents and moving, cattle-breeders mainly , from Thessaly, western Macedonia and Ipirus.

Basic parameters that affected the configuration of the structured environment of the settlements are the agro-pastoral and forestal character of their economy, the bas-relief of the ground and their demographic numbers.

Elatochori is located in an altitude of 800 m. and has been transported from another location, the old Elatochori (whose old name was Skouterna) that is next to the new settlement. The new and much older settlement has been evolved in one of the best mountainous resorts of Pieria. It permanently gathers summer visitors and daily visitors all year long.

The operation of the Ski Centre at Elatochori gives the mountainous settlement liveliness and prospect. They already operate and begin to operate enterprises of reception and service for the visitors, so much in the space of ski centre, as in the settlements of the old and the new Elatochori.

The Folklore Collection presents interest, with objects from the daily life, the activities and the habits of the residents of the village. The collection belongs to the Folklore Group of Elatochori and is found in a room of the Municipal shop (former Community shop) of Elatochori.

Pierian mountains have their own ridge that is extended from the south-west to the north-east with Flabouro(2194 m.) being their highest summit. The particular characteristics of Pierians , even if for the Greek data it is one of the highest mountains, are the gentleness and their quiet aspect that calms the eye down. The variety of valleys and plateaux with ravines and cols, differentiate the mountain, and the diversity of vegetation makes it to distinguish in beauty. It offers the visitor skiing, possibilities of mountainous recreation and acquaintance with the infrequent flora in courses of a unique beauty and view.

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