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The new town Pella is situated 1 km away from the archeological site of Pella. One common point with ancient Pella is the excellent city planning.
A lot of cultural activities take place and are all organized by the cultural centers but also by the Municipal Enterprise of Pella.
Pella has the first and only mosaic association in Hellas, which is housed in place granted by the Municipality. Here, the lovers of art can provide themselves with mosaics in free structures and copies of mosaics of Ancient Pella

Lying at the utmost ends of Northern Greece, between massives and a fertile land, a borderer and a cultural resource, Pella constitutes the essence of the beauty of Greek nature. The gifted landscape was merely the motive for an intense human presence, with fadeless signs of history from the beginning of the centuries till today.
The Municipality of Pella, native land of Macedonian Kings like Philip and his son, Alexander the Great, has hosted capitals and eminent cities of the Macedonian state. There are findings that testify to the human presence from the prehistoric period and reflect the attraction that this land exercises.
The heritage of historical moments of the past, tombs and ancient cities on the Egnatia Odos bring back memories and images to the contemporary visitor.
Thermal springs that gush out from the river bed of Agios Nikolaos and a magnificent natural scenery compose the image that the visitor meets in the region of Loutraki and the Municipality of Aridaia.
Thermalism, known even since the Roman years, testifies to the healing and relaxing qualities of the water. The cluster of caves, with evidence of the human presence since the Neolithic period,
as well as the eminent gorge of Ramno Bor (Isso Pefko) complement the composition of the landscape.
The Pella museum houses finds from the archeological site at Pella. The finds are placed in three different rooms and organized around three units.
Room A is devoted to the Prehistory of the surrounding area and the history and the urban design of the city. In the section on the left is an aerial photograph of the central sector of the excavations as well as the topographical plan, drawn according to the architectural remains that have been found.
In the same room there is a wall whose decoration is totally restored and represents contractually the frontage of a house with typical structural features. The decoration of the house's walls has the most unique samples of wall paintings in Hellas.
At room B are the units corresponding to the sectors of the agora, sanctuaries and cemeteries. At room C are the six famous mosaic floors that have been detached from the archaeological site, architectural members, sculptures but also the marble head of Alexander the Great found in the area of Giannitsa

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