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Connected with all phases of Greek History The history of Imathia extends through the centuries and it is connected with all phases of Greek History. Human structures made their appearance in the prehistoric ages. At the settlement of New Nicomedia we can find one of the most ancient Neolithic settlements in Europe (6000 BC). At the foot of the mountain of range of Pieria, where Vergina is located nowadays, was built Aeges, the capital of Macedonia, where the royal necropolis was also located. The royal graves of Vergina, Philippe's Grave and their unique archaeological finds, are without doubt monuments of worldwide radiance. In the region of Naoussa there are also important Macedonian graves at a village named Lefkadia, where 3 very important tomb monuments are situated. In proximity to this area we can find ancient Mieza and Aristoteles' school, who was Alexander the Great's teacher. During the Roman ages, the district attained a period of great acme and Veria became the seat of "the Macedones' public" and also a religious center. In 54 AD Apostle Paul preached the new Christian belief in Veria and until today the Vima (tribune) still exists. During the Byzantine era, the region was at the peak of its power. A great number of extant churches, with murals - hagiographies of extraordinary beauty, were erected at that epoch. We can also come across numerous samples of Macedonian folk architecture, especially at the territories of Barbouta and Kiriotissa. At the same time Naoussa developed to be a center of handicraft and later on to an industrial center. Imathia of today has developed considerably in the agricultural and industrial sectors. Its irrigated plains are filled with fruit - bearing plantations and cultivations of cotton, tobacco, and sugar - beet. The mountainous landscapes of our prefecture, where unique natural ecosystems meet, present a great deal of interest. Some of the noteworthy sights of Mount Vermio are the locations of Kastania, and Panaghia Soumela, famous shrine and resort, the mountainous campsite of Grameni and the Aghios Nikolaos springs. The mountain range of Pieria and Mount Vermio give the opportunity to nature lovers to walk along the mountainous paths, which will surely leave them amazed with its remarkable beauty. The skiing installations and tracks at Seli and 3-5 Pigadia offer good service to a large number of visitors. In conclusion, many cultural and artistic demonstrations, during the year, attract the attention and inspire a visitor's admiration for Imathia, this center of Macedonia and Greek History, and its hospitable inhabitants.

HiT360.com Travel Guide