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A county that combines unrivalled natural beauty of Prespes, Florina is found on the crossroad Greece — Albania and former Yugoslavia. Here where man and nature become one, you will find true bliss in the quiet surroundings. There are many places of interest that you can visit if you are ever in the area, such as the national park of Prespes, where many rare birds species find shelter. There is also the small island of Aghhou Achilleou, in Megali Prespa, the renowned village of Aghiou Germanou, with its fantastic beans and all the other small fishing villages in the area. Also you should visit Nimfeo, a village at a height of 1350 m. with its fantastic museum and impressive architecture. Further north you will find the veterinarian clinic at the bear protection center Arktouros, where it is opened to the public all year around. In the capital city, Florina, you it worth paying a visit to the museums. For those who prefer winter sports, the Pisoderiou Skiing Resort is great, whereas the seat Bigla is more suited to mountain climbing.

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