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A small jewel of the Saronic islands but with a large historical background, it is a very green island full of pine trees that reach all the way to the beach. Pitioussa, as it was called in Ancient Greece, still has samples of times gone by. During the Frankish Rule, the Arabs took over the island and totally depopulated it. Though today it houses the homes of 3,500 residents that restored the island to its natural beauty thanks to tourism. Thanks to shipping, Spetses was able to increase their wealth and fleet. This shows during the revolution against the Turks in 1821 when the residents of Spetses gave most of the ships that were used. Dapia is now the liveliest point on the island, full of cafes and a gorgeous view of the port. The house of the legendary Bouboulina, a brave lady that fought the Turks in the revolution, is 300 years old and encases many old memories of times long gone. In nowadays it is a museum. At the Old Port of the island, you will find many restaurants as well as the old karnagio, a place where hey still make the boats in the traditional old way. The town preserved by the government and the only modes of transportation that are allowed are motorbikes, bicycles, taxis buses, horse carriages, boats and taxi boats. It is worth to take a walk in the seaside road from the Dapia to the Old Port. For those that find themselves on the island the second weekend of September, will enjoy the reenactment of the fall of the Turks Marine Force by the hero Kosmas Barbatsi and will be able to celebrate with the rest of the island. The island has beautiful beaches and gorgeous coves that accessible by boats. Another reason why the island is so popular is due to the fact that the island is so close to Athens and many people consider it a perfect place for a weekend getaway. The speedboat from Piraeus takes 2 hours to get to the island, the ferryboat 5 hours or you can drive to Epidavro leave your car there and take a boat out to the island. For those you decide to visit the island, we are sure that you will enjoy it immensely. You can find a wild nightlife, either to party to the early hours of the night or to quietly sip on a drink while listening to soft music and have the view of the sea in front of you.

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