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Dove Rimanere: Fokida Hotels
Anche: Fokida Travel Guide

An ancient myth says that Zeus wanting to find the center of the earth, placed two eagles on the either sides of the earth to see where they would meet. These two eagles met at Delphi, the earth's navel as it is called. Thousands of years later loads of tourists folk here every year to visit the center of the earth and feel it energy. Fokida is a county of Central Greece and was first inhabited by the Pelasgous in the pre-historic age. During the Persian wars all the cities in Fokida were destroyed except the Delphi Oracle. Throughout the Turkish rule, Fokida played a major role in the liberating war. At the famous Hani of Grafia, Odysseus Androutsos together with his freedom fighters, prevent the attack by Omer Vrioni in 1821, as well as at Galaksidi where its fleet and captains offered backup to the fight. In nowadays the area welcomes many tourists all year around, since except the archeological and historical interest it also offers many beauties and beachside villages that are perfect for your vacations. A nearby destination that offers you a break from your everyday routine and the noisy city. Start you journey along side the Corinthian Gulf and enjoy the beautiful beaches and fishing villages such as Monastiraki, Chania, Spilia, Aghios Nikolaos and Eratini. Important stops along the way are the administrative and trading city center of Amfissa, the quaint villages on Mount Vardousia, the picturesque Galaksidi, the traditional villages of Eptalofos on the foothills of Parnasso, the trading center of Iteas and the gorgeous Lidoriki on Mount Giona near the dam of Mornou.

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