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Dove Rimanere: Chania Hotels

An area that combines natural beauty with archeological and historical areas, the county of Chania is found on the west coast of the island. It has a large tourist population and its visitor can enjoy many glorious beaches such as Sougia, Paleohoras, and Tara at Aghia Roumeli. The area is full of historical monuments such as Theriso where Elefterios Venizelos declared in 1905 the revolution against the Turkish with the assistance of Greece; also there is Vamos, Maleme, Sfakia and Kastanos. And for those you love natural the places to see are the plateau of Omalou and the many canyons like the famous canyon of Samarias, without exaggeration one of the most beautiful nature sites in all of Europe. There are many organized treks to the canyon, even though it has been classified as a national protected park. Other important archeological sites are Aptera, Polirrnia, Ippokoronio and Lissos, but you will also find the Venetian Forts and churches and the well-known Fragkocastelo at the Sfakia, one of the most beautiful Venetian churches of the 14th century. 25 nautical miles south of Aghia Roumeli and in the middle of the Livikoos Pelagos there is the island of Gavdos with it 120 residents, with its beautiful beaches and magical views. It is connected by ferry from Aghia Roumeli, Sfakia, Palaiohora and Sougia.

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