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Cosmopolitan island in the Cyclades, with a lively nightlife in the summer, Santorini is well known by all of Greece and even the rest of the world. Major characteristic is the huge volcano that dominates the island.

Around this mammoth volcano, you find the three settlements of the island, Ia, Fira, Pirgos and the harbor of Athinios. These all the areas except the Athinos seem like they have climb in amidst the rocks. The unmatched natural beauty of the volcanic landscape makes the island an experience not to be missed. A visitor can reach Fira, the main town of the island, by having a delightful journey on a donkey from the island's harbor.

Places that are a must see on the island are: Akroyiali, the archeological site of a Minoan settlement that was destroyed in 1500 BC when the volcano erupted, the ruins of ancient Thira. All of the towns in Santorini have something special to offer a visitor, which will not leave Santorini without satisfaction.

HiT360.com Travel Guide