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The first inhabitants where the 'Kares' and the 'Phoenicians' and later on the 'Krites'. Minoas' brother Rodamanthis was the leader of the island. But after them the 'Iones' occupied the island and in the 7th century B.C. Andros Island established colonies in Macedonia, Thrace and other places.
During the Persian wars the island allied with the Persians and later on entered in the Athenian alliance. In the battle of Cheronia the Macedonians concurred the island and later on the Romans and the Venicians. In 1566 the island met the Ottoman Empire while in 1821 'Kairis' declared in the Metropolitan Church the revolution against the Turks. The ancient names of the island where Atandros, Nonagria, Hydroussa and Lavia.

The island is verdurous with large amount of water and holds artistic activities of worldwide range, since every year important exhibitions and other events are organized. Next to the cosmopolitan resorts there are traditional settlements and magnificent mansions and chateaus. The island has many museums and they worth at least a visit. The coasts are fabulous with beautiful sandy beaches. The little villages are very picturesque and offer peace and relaxation to the visitor. The island's dishes are nutritious and very tasteful. There are lodgings for low and high budgets as well as vivid nightlife. The island is connected with the ports of Pireaus, Rafina and Thessaloniki and you have to choose between normal and fast vessels.

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