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Old buildings are like old souls. Throughout the years and generations and as long as there is a strong inspiration to live and grow, their life continues.

During the last century, the "Elihrison" was used as a Turkish court of justice.

During the German Occupation, it functioned as a garrison headquarters and some years later, Mr. Giannis established his tavern in its cellars.

Respecting its past and acknowledging its present, the "Elihrison" welcomes you to its unique and tasteful environment.

Multileveled, bright, and with a comfortable air-conditioned dining area where old stone is beautifully combined with contemporary wood, the "Elihrison" proves its commitment to exceptional Greek cuisine.

A variety of excellent Greek wines accompany the wonderful meals of the "Elihrison". While listening to carefully selected Greek music, you will be served with the highest standards of care and attention.

Fresh and renovated the "Elihrison" attracts the most demanding connoisseurs of authentic taste and quality.

The "Elihrison" is open daily from 20:00-02:00. On Sundays the doors are opened from the afternoon so that weekend visitors can enjoy the tranquil environment with their free time.