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Elena Hotel

The same distance from Athens and Thessaloniki, in the center of Greece, in between sea and mountains, you will find the Elena Hotel, in Lamia.

The historical capital of Roumeli, the beautiful and picturesque city of Lamia "the city of two hills", it dominants the area and has a panoramic view of the hill of Aghio Louka and the historical castle which is also the archeological museum of Lamia, in Fthiotida.

At a distance of 60km. from Lamia, you will find the well-organized skiing centers of Parnassos and Velouchi.

While traveling the areas a visitor can enjoy the beautiful scenery, the fresh air, the quaint little villages built on the hills, as well as visit the monasteries of Damasia, Agathonos and Panagia of Proussiotissa.

Around the city you will find the famous spas of Ipatis, Thermopiles and Platistomou.

These spas have therapeutic abilities, which help many people with easing the discomfort of various illnesses as well as just rejuvenating the body and mind.