HiT360.com: Dio Bar Restaurant


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  • Veloute mushroom soup, flavored with truffle oil and garnished with croutons.
  • Patatosoupa with garlic and spinach, crispy flakes of smoked bacon and olive oil.


  • Fresh spinach with ricotta cheese, onion, orange fillets, eggplant croutons and olive oil.
  • Fresh salad with marinated fresh salmon, olive oil and lime.
  • Cretan dakos with xinomyzithra, tomato and capers.
  • Salad with grilled vegetables and apaki.
  • salad with lentils and honey acid Cornet pastry.
  • rocket salad with sun dried tomatoes, raisins, roasted pine nuts and balsamic syrup.


  • Smoked salmon with cream cheese filling, tasty enhanced with capers and chopped chives.
  • Traditional crust with foil patsavouropita
  • Spicy crunchy garidopitakia
  • plefrotous mushrooms marinated in olive oil and fresh herbs, cooked on the grill with balsamic syrup.
  • Milfei cheese, Florina peppers, sesame and honey.
  • Kreatopitakia with spicy minced lamb and chutney xilomilou.
  • Ravioli with spinach and cream cheese cream beef and bulgur.


  • shrimp with onion, salted lemon and basil.
  • Spaghetti with fresh spinach, garlic and smoked ham.
  • Penne with tomato, pesto and fresh mozzarella royal
  • Risotto with wild mushrooms, apple and parmesan
  • Risotto with sausage from oatmeal, raisins and kefalograviera

Main Course

  • Chicken with grape sauce and fresh rosemary
  • turkey rolls stuffed with shrimp and pistachios in a pepper crust with a sauce based fried shellfish risotto.
  • Tenderloin stuffed with halloumi cheese, bacon and sun-dried tomatoes, Dijon mustard sauce.
  • Fillet beef with green pepper sauce or butter cafe de Paris.
  • Contra fillet grilled with bbq marinade
  • Lamb roll stuffed with spinach and feta
  • Grouper fillet with mashed potato, Turnip, horseradish and spicy chili sauce
  • Shrimp grilled with butter and piri-piri


  • Crepes with roasted banana in syrup with coconut and chilli ice cream
  • Chocolate Souffle with cardamom and black pepper
  • baked apples stuffed with walnuts and raisins and cream sauce
  • Milfei fruit