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Since 1971 the Catrin's is the place to seen at, where people from all around the world are gathered here. An area, where the atmosphere invites the guest to explore the taste delights of the best international recipes. An international cuisine that ties the aromatic smells and the delectable flavors found from all around the world. All of your senses go into overload. The lighting, and decor blend in beautifully with the taste and smell of the exquisite dishes that are offered by the world renowned Catrin's.

A family business that has been passed on from generation to generation still remains the meeting place of people that appreciate the finer things in life. Regardless of the fame that the Catrin's has experienced over the years, the Gizioti Family have remained simple, filled with warmth and kindness towards all their dinner guests, who every time they find their way back to Mykonos, they don''t pass through without visiting the Catrin's at least once.