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Mykonos together with the smaller island of Delos make up a single island complex. Mykonos is situtated 94 nautical miles south east of Piraeus and spans over an area of 85sq.km. The island can be reached by air from Athens, Thessalonica and Santorini, or by ferry directly from Piraeus or Rafina. The trip by ferry takes about 5-6 hours although someone can use the Catamarans (fast boats), which take half the time of the ferries.

Mykonos is one of the most popular tourist islands both in the Mediterranean and worldwide since visitors from all over the world- some of whom famous jet setters and celebrities, travel here since 1960's. Narrow, winding, traditionally paved alleys, beautiful whitewashed houses with blue windows together with gold sanded beaches with crystal clear waters characterize Mykonos.



Delos counts itself amongst those places that receive the most intensive sunlight on our planet, and it is also the island, according to Greek mythology, where Apollo and Artemis were born. From 166 B.C Delos developed with just a few decades into a flourishing Greek trade center possessing a rich city full of palaces, temples, and statues. In 1872 archaeological excavations started and countless artifacts have been uncovered; recovery work that is still going on. Excursions from Mykonos directly to Delos can be made by boat.


Hora, the island's capital, has a maze of streets, constructed originally to confuse attacking pirates, and filled with every imaginable shop, tourist shops, discos, bars, hotels, restaurants, tavernas, etc. It is perhaps the finest of the white island towns in Greece and rises amphitheatrically behind the quay, with windmills on the hill above-the round, white Cycladean windmills, with thatched roofs and sails like those of a boat.


Ano Mera is after Hora, the most important village on the island, standing 8 km. East of the town, Ano Mera has the interesting Monastery of Panagia Tourliani, build in the 16th century, with fine wood carvings and gold leaf painted icons. The church has a collection of valuable ecclesiastical vessels vestments and embroideries used by the priests. The courtyard contains an interesting bell-tower and a marble fountain. In Ano Mera lovers of the sea will find out standing golden beaches like Elia, Lia and Kalo Livadi.



  • ELIA: One of the larger beaches on Mykonos with shallows, clear water, fine sand and a view of the neighboring island Naxos. Elia, which is well organized with deck chairs, parasols and a flying bar service, has a lively atmosphere and it is not overbuilt.


  • PARANGA: A bay with continuous golden sand and, in the sea a few meters away from the beach, rocks for sunbathing. The beach is well equipped with deck chairs and parasols; the atmosphere is both lively and friendly.
  • PARADISE: Since 1969, this beach with the resounding name is famous for its exuberant party life. It is on e of the largest on Mykonos and can be reached by bus from town, or with a fishing boat departing from Ornos bay. You'll find plenty of sand, deck chairs, and tons of entertainment.

PORT AUTHORITY: 22890- 22218
AIRPORT: 22890-22327
TOWN HALL: 22890- 23261
TOURIST POLICE: 22890- 22482