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Andronis Luxury Suites

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Andronis Luxury Suites

Welcome to Andronis Luxury Suites Santorini, Cyclades

Reflecting traditional Aegean architecture and overlooking the islands volcanic crater or caldera, the Andronis Luxury Suites represents the most luxurious, dreamy escape in a Mediterranean setting beyond compare.

The multi-villa property gently cascades down the side of this unparalleled Greek island, forming part of the traditional landscape yet with Zen-like sophistication and discrete luxury that make transform these 15 award-winning suites into a lifetime experience for its elite visitors.

Elements of minimalist design combine with stunning island sunsets, while multi-level balconies blend with a predominantly white assortment of furniture and finishes, awoken occasionally by touches of red and blue to tickle the senses.

Andronis Luxury Suites is set in the quite town of Oia or Ia as it is pronounced in English only a short drive from Santorinis airport and from Thira, the islands main town.

A philosophy of lavish hospitality and local individuality

Regarding luxury hotels Santorini, Andronis Luxury Suites is a breathtaking all-suite boutique hotel that offers 21st century comforts and amenities in a timeless island setting. The main philosophy behind Andronis Luxury Suites is to stimulate the senses of the guests and create an unmatched experience that conveys refined hospitality and local culture while preserving the natural environment and architecture.

A panoramic view of the caldera coupled with facilities such as the propertys Mare et Sanus Spa, organic restaurant, distinguished local wines and personalized service make Andronis Luxury Suites the preferred choice for elite travellers from around the world.

Sun and spa beyond compare...

Delight your senses with Mediterranean treatments and savour the sun

When the outside world overwhelms you, take refuge at the Mare et Sanus Spa inspired by Greek nature and the healing power of the gods. Surrender to body massages and body treatments such as the soothing Herbal Massage or the ultimate Euphoria treatment. Enjoy face and body experiences such as aloe deep hydration or Queen Bee treatments, or even a complete Day Spa Programme. Local ingredients such as propolis, tomato, cucumber, orange, fig, cinnamon and almond are all part of the spas unique, different treatments that relax, rejuvenate and revitalize.

Andronis Luxury Suites also offers gym equipment, hammam sessions and cold Jacuzzi treatments to enhance your choice of fitness and relaxation treatments, as well as the opportunity to soak up the Mediterranean sun on the propertys terraces or take a dip in the refreshing pools.

Mare et Sanus Spa

Mare et Sanus Spa is the place where we offer high quality services in order to make you feel rejuvenated, healthier and bring your body to greater balance. We give you the chance to get a break from everyday routine. You only need to bring your bathing suit with you.